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A Power Up! Program UPDATE

The Power Up! Nutrition and Physical Activity Program is still here…and this program is still impacting children, families and the community through partnerships slated to eliminate childhood obesity while fostering the importance of nutrition education and food preferences.

Along with UChicago Medicine’s ITM stakeholders, the Power Up! Program will again collaborate with the Pilot Light Chefs Organization to develop an interactive and innovative method of community engagement.  Using video technology and themed-health knowledge, these respective teams plan to showcase how impactful choices and behaviors of student food eaters can be.  Partner schools, including teachers and students of Hyde Park’s Ray Elementary and Englewood’s The Montessori School of Englewood will help showcase their Pilot Light food lessons through short videos of chef demonstrations and/or webinar-style presentations to influence what a healthy lifestyle is. Chicago Public School’s After School Matters Program will also play a part in this collaborative as the student health ambassadors who will film the short segment lessons. Team Social Psychologist Dr. Mike Quinn says, “This is an exciting full partnership.”  Look out for this project in late fall, early winter.  For more questions, contact (773) 753-9941.

If your school or organization would like a presentation on healthy eating and physical activity promotion, please contact us by phone at (773) 753-9941 or email: amsteenes@uchicago.edu.

If you would like more information about Pilot Light Chefs Organization, please visit www.pilotlightchefs.org.

For more information on childhood obesity prevention, visit: https://www.eatright.org/health/weight-loss/overweight-and-obesity/preventing-childhood-obesity-healthy-eating-tips-for-kids

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