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Three CCDTR studies of the patient centered medical home are featured in Medical Care

October 16, 2014 – The journal Medical Care recently announced a special supplement issue focused on the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (SNMHI), a five year effort to transform safety net primary care providers in five states into high functioning patient centered medical homes (PCMHs).  The PCMH is widely-advocated new model of primary care and the SNMHI was the first national PCMH demonstration project conducted in the safety net.  A CCDTR team conducted the evaluation of the SNMHI, under the direction of principal investigator and CCDTR Director Marshall Chin.

The three CCDTR studies included in the special issue are:

Click here to read the Medical Care media release.
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For more information on the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative, visit www.safetynetmedicalhome.org.