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Associate Director Elbert Huang, MD, MPH appointed member of Midwest Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council

May 01, 2018- Associate Director Elbert Huang, MD, MPH has been appointed a member of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review‘s (ICER) Midwest Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council.

He joins a group of regionally-based experts who support ICER’s work by voting on the evidence regarding the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of health interventions.

To learn more, click here.

Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS and Elbert Huang, MD, MPH published in Diabetes in America

July 31, 2017- Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS and Elbert Huang, MD, MPH have published a chapter in the 3rd edition of Diabetes in America. Their chapter, “Diabetes in Older Adults,” will become the leading reference for the geriatric diabetic population in the United States.

Check it out here. Congratulations, Dr. Laiteerapong and Dr. Huang!


CCDTR Researcher awarded an Innovation Grant

At the Annual Quality and Safety Symposium last week (5/4), Elbert Huang and his team were awarded an Innovation Grant ($40,000) from the UC Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation. The Innovation Grant Program seeks to support innovative solutions to operational problems and areas of need of improvement at UC Medicine. Dr. Huang’s project is called “Managing Diabetes to Gain Opportunities for a more Active Life (My Diabetes GOAL)”. More info about the grant can be found here.



CCDTR researchers report disparities in diabetes screening for Asian Americans

An article by CCDTR investigators Liz Tung, Arshiya Baig, Elbert Huang, and Neda Laiteerapong was featured in Science Life today. Dr. Tung discussed their findings that Asian Americans are less likely to be screened for diabetes than other racial and ethnic groups despite a high prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes in this population. Click here to read the post.

Dr. Elbert Huang reflects on the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding the Affordable Care Act

June 26, 2015 – Yesterday, Science Life published a blog post with CCDTR Associate Director Dr. Elbert Huang’s response to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the federal government to provide tax subsidies to help low- and middle-income people purchase health insurance. The response was a follow-up to a post Science Life published last week in which it interviewed Dr. Huang about the case that would soon be decided by the Supreme Court.

Read Dr. Huang’s initial comments here.
Read Dr. Huang’s follow-up response here.

Dr. Elbert Huang featured in a Science Life blog post about the Affordable Care Act

June 19, 2015 – CCDTR Associate Director Dr. Elbert Huang has been featured in a Science Life post about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He discusses the case soon to be heard by the Supreme Court, King v. Burwell, which could jeopardize health care access for six to eight million people currently receiving subsidies for health insurance they have purchased through the exchanges established through the ACA. Click here to read the post.

CCDTR Investigators Present at the Annual SGIM Meeting, Dr. Marshall Chin Becomes President

April 27, 2015 – Last week, several CCDTR investigators and staff attended the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) in Toronto, ON, Canada. CCDTR-affiliated investigators presenting and/or facilitating workshops at the meeting included Jennifer Cooper and Drs. Sara Baghikar, Arshiya Baig, Alyna Chien, Marshall Chin, Scott Cook, Elbert Huang, Monica Peek, Valerie Press, Milda Saunders, Elizabeth Tung and Lisa Vinci.

During the breakfast plenary on Saturday, CCDTR investigator Dr. Milda Saunders was selected as an awardee for the Unified Leadership Training in Diversity Program by the Association of Chiefs & Leaders of General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM). As the meeting adjourned, CCDTR Director Dr. Marshall Chin, who has been serving as the SGIM President-Elect for the past year, was passed the gavel and became SGIM President. He will serve as SGIM President for the next year. As president, Dr. Chin will lead the 18-member governing board and support and promote the work of its more than 80 member-driven committees, taskforces and interest groups. Read more about Dr. Chin’s priorities as SGIM President here.

SBaghikar and ABaig SGIM 2015 Poster Presentation   IMG_1232   IMG_1238
Above left: Drs. Baghikar and Baig presenting their poster; Above center and right: Dr. Tung presenting at the Friday morning plenary
                                  IMG_1243   IMG_1242
Above left: Drs. Tung and Peek enjoying the conference; Above right: Dr. Chien presenting in an abstract session.
IMG_1253   IMG_1257   IMG_1258
Above left: Announcement of Dr. Saunders’ Award; Above center and right: Dr. Chin’s comments after being handed the gavel as the new SGIM President

New Report by CCDTR Investigators Weighs the Evidence for Diabetes Prevention Programs in Community Settings

March 26, 2015 – Yesterday, the NYSHealth Foundation released a report prepared by CCDTR invstigators Drs. Chia-Hung Chou, Deborah Burnet, David Meltzer, and Elbert Huang entitled “The Effectiveness of Diabetes Prevention Programs in Community Settings.” The report reviews the evidence from diabetes prevention programs that have been conducted in community settings to determine their effectiveness in improving health outcomes. The report also examines the long-term effects, implementation costs, and overall cost implications of these programs.

NYSHealth President and CEO James R. Knickman and Chief Program Learning Officer Kelly Hunt also discussed the report’s findings in a recent Health Affairs blog post. They argued there was a need for greater public and private investments in diabetes prevention research and demonstrations.

Click here to read the report.
Click here to read the accompanying policy brief.
Click here to read the Health Affairs blog post.
Click here to read the University of Chicago Medicine’s Science Life blog post about the report.