National Social Life, Health and Aging Project: Wave II

Senior couple on cycle ride in countrysideThe purpose of the NSHAP study is to understand the well-being of older, community-dwelling Americans examining the interactions among the following:

  • physical health and illness
  • medication use
  • cognitive function
  • emotional health
  • sensory function
  • health behaviors
  • social connectedness
  • sexuality
  • relationship quality

There are many older adults with diabetes that suffer from a wide range of comorbid diseases which makes caring for this population very challenging. Currently in WAVE II of NSHAP, Dr. Huang is evaluating the appropriate manner on how to identify comorbid diseases in older people with diabetes. Findings from this study will contribute to implementation of effective practices that improve health as people age.

Principal Investigator: Linda J. Waite, PhD
Research Team:
Elbert S. Huang, MD, MPH
Kathleen A. Cagney, PhD
Benjamin Cornwell, PhD
William Dale, MD, PhD
Edward Laumann, PhD
Martha McClintock, PhD
Colm O’Muircheartaigh, PhD
Phil Schumm, MA

Funding Source:
National Institute on Aging ( NIA R01AG030481-01A1)