Implementing Diabetes Group Visits in Community Health Centers

CGD Site Visit 008Findings from preliminary research we conducted as part of the study “Community Health Center Experiences with Diabetes Group Visits” have been used to develop and pilot test a diabetes group visit intervention in the community health center setting for six community health centers across the Midwest. The specific aims of the study are to:

  1. Develop, conduct, and evaluate a training program for health center staff to implement a diabetes group visit intervention in health centers
  2. Assess the implementation of diabetes group visits in the community health center setting
  3. Assess the impact of the diabetes group visits on diabetes process measures, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction compared to control participants from the same health center with one year follow-up.

The study team has recruited seven health center sites at six community health centers to implement the intervention. The centers are from Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and represent urban and rural locations. The first two-day training session for 26 health center staff and providers was held in Chicago in March 2015. The second two-day training session will be held in September 2015. We plan to collect data on up to 105 adult patients with diabetes who have gone through the 6-month diabetes group visit intervention and 210 control patients. Results of the study are forthcoming. This study was conducted in collaboration with the MidWest Clinicians’ Network.

Principal Investigator: Arshiya A. Baig, MD, MPH
Research Team:
Erin Staab, MPH
Amanda Campbell, Midwest Clinicians’ Network
Michael T. Quinn, PhD
Cynthia T. Schaefer, RN, MSN, PhDc, Midwest Clinicians’ Network, University of Evansville

Funding Sources:
NIDDK DK087903-01A1 K23 Mentored Career Development Award
NIDDK P30 DK092949 Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research.
NIH CTSA UL1 TR000430 UChicago Center for Research Informatics REDCap project