Diabetes and Aging in a Multi-Ethnic Population

SGIM QOL group pic 2010The purpose of this longitudinal study is to understand the state of geriatric diabetes care and disease burden within an aging multi-ethnic population. There are five aims:

  1. To characterize the current state of diabetes-related care and outcomes of elderly patients living with diabetes.
  2. To evaluate the role of ethnicity as it relates to concerns regarding the potential for diabetes medication (antihyperglycemic therapies) or intensive polypharmacy to increase the risk of geriatric syndromes or worsen the quality of life.
  3. To create a generalized prediction model based on a 5-year mortality timeline using data from the Diabetes Study of Northern California ( DISTANCE).
  4. To evaluate the performance and potential impact of prognostic models to facilitate geriatric diabetes care recommendations.
  5. To evaluate the policy implications of implementing geriatric diabetes care guidelines.

Findings from this project will provide important insight into the implications of geriatric guidelines, and this will ensure that quality improvement efforts for geriatric diabetes care ultimately reduces ethnic disparities.

Principal Investigators:
Elbert S. Huang, MD, MPH
Andrew Karter, PhD, Kaiser Permanente
Research Team:
Marshall Chin, MD, MPH
Jennifer Cooper, MPH
Kenneth Covinsky, MD, MPH
Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS
Howard H. Moffet, MPH
Rachel Whitmer, MD

Funding Source:
NIDDK R01 DK081796-01A1