Past Projects

Community Health Center Experiences with Diabetes Group Visits

The main purpose of the study is to assess community health center leadership and staff experiences in providing diabetes group visits. We are conducting site visits and semi-structured interviews with health center leadership and staff to understand their success and perceived barriers to implementation of diabetes group visits. Learn more

The Diabetes Care and Coordination Survey

Sarah Derrett, PhD, a 2011-12 New Zealand Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice, leads a survey of diabetes care and care coordination among providers and staff with the MidWest Clinicians’ Network (MWCN). Learn more

Combating Obesity at Community Health Centers (COACH)

The MidWest Clinicians’ Network partnered with the University of Chicago to test the feasibility of a weight management quality improvement (QI) collaborative. The COACH pilot successfully demonstrated implementation of a QI collaborative (QIC) in a resource-limited setting to improve weight management programs at community health centers. Learn more

Latino Preferences for Church-Based Diabetes Self-Management Interventions

We conducted focus groups with Latinos with diabetes and their family members and found that Latinos are interested in church-based, peer-based, and group-based diabetes programs. Learn more

Midwest Diabetes Care Survey

Type 2 diabetes disproportionately affects the growing Latino population. Many Latino patients with diabetes have limited socioeconomic resources, and thus health centers play a crucial role caring for them. We conducted a study of almost 100 community health across 10 states in the Midwest to assess the availability of services provided to Latino patients with […] Learn more

Longitudinal Use of Personalized Decision Support for Diabetes

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the longitudinal effects of a web-based geriatric decision support tool that encourages older diabetic patients to personalize glucose control targets. Learn more

Personalized Decision Support for Older Patients with Diabetes

The purpose of this longitudinal study is to develop a web-based Geriatric Diabetes Decision Aid (GDDA) to encourage individualization of diabetes care among older patients. Learn more

Reach-Out Chicago Childhood Diabetes Prevention Project

Reach-Out, a family-based nutrition and exercise program for overweight African American youth ages 9-12 and their families, was led by lay health leaders and conducted in a community setting on Chicago’s South Side. Learn more

Using Health Information Technology to Reduce Diabetes Disparities

We reviewed the effectiveness of health care interventions using health IT to improve diabetes process of care and intermediate diabetes outcomes in African American and Hispanic patients. Learn more