Diabetes Decision Making

The University of Chicago community possesses unique strengths in decision analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, and shared decision-making and the CCDTR brings those areas of expertise to bear on diabetes translation research.

Examining the U.S. Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Glycemic Treatment Algorithms in the Era of New Medications

Background: Given the substantial economic burden of diabetes, it is important to understand the economic value of diabetes treatment. In the past, intensive glycemic control with available glucose-lowering medications (i.e., metformin, sulfonylureas, and insulin) was found to be cost-effective compared to conventional control. Since, diabetes has been transformed by the arrival of two medication classes: […] Learn more

Comparative Effectiveness of Dynamic Patterns of Glucose Lowering Therapies

This study seeks to describe the basic relationship among care seeking, medication choices, and glucose control, within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) healthcare system. Specific emphasis will be placed on prescribing patterns, clinical and non-clinical predictors of multiple medication choice and the comparative effectiveness of different drug patterns on health outcomes within a real world setting. Learn more

The Incidence and Patterns of Care of Remission in Type 2 Diabetes

Using the Kaiser Permanente Diabetes Registry we examine incidence and patterns of care of remission in type 2 diabetes in the general population. Learn more

The On Time Diabetes and Hypertension Control Study

Using a large, observational cohort of adults from Kaiser Permanente Northern California with newly diagnosed diabetes (1995-2005), Dr. Laiteerapong will characterize common patterns of a) A1c and b) BP control over ≥10 years of follow-up and compare complications/mortality rates over ≥15 years of follow-up among patients with various 10-year patterns of a) A1c and b) BP control. Then in order to develop a theoretical model for how patients perceive the concept of time in their diabetes-related health decisions, Dr. Laiteerapong will conduct semi-structured interviews with patients with Type 2 diabetes to explore their beliefs regarding the timing of A1c and BP control. Learn more