Milda Saunders

Assistant Professor,
Section of Hospital Medicine
Faculty, MacLean Center
for Clinical Medical Ethics
Living Donor Advocate Physician,
U of C Transplant Center

Milda Saunders, MD, MPH is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Hospital Medicine, Faculty in the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, and the Living Donor Advocate Physician for the University of Chicago Transplant Center.   Dr. Saunders is also a med/peds trained hospitalist whose clinical expertise is on the management of the acute conditions of hospitalized patients.  Her research focuses on how structural constraints and health policies impact health care disparities and health outcomes.  Her research analyzes large datasets linked with census data to examine the impact of neighborhood poverty and racial composition on various health care outcomes—renal transplant waitlist, depression and obesity in women and children.   Her current work in collaboration with Marshall Chin, funded through a CTSA K12, examines how racial differences in location—by neighborhood and region—influence access to high quality dialysis facilities and the quality of care received by patients with ESRD.