Core Areas of Expertise

IMG_5540The CCDTR offers three research cores that provide support to investigators in three areas of expertise: Health Disparities and Community Based Participatory Research, Outcomes Improvement, and Quantitative Analysis.  Investigators interested in leveraging CCDTR core services should contact the director of the relevant core for a consultation.

Health Disparities and Community-Based Participatory Research Core

Director: Dr. Monica Peek
The Health Disparities and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Core provides support for diabetes translation research aiming to reduce health disparities and for translation research in the community.  The reduction of health disparities is a major passion of the CCDTR and the CBPR model is central to much of our work.  The CBPR model argues that translational research is most likely to be useful if academia and community are equal partners in all aspects of the research process.  Experts in this core work to address racial/ethnic disparities both nationally and locally within the South and West Sides of Chicago.  Successful core projects include partnerships with a range of community organizations, including local churches, schools, community centers, and media outlets.

Outcomes Improvement Core

Director: Dr. Deborah Burnet
The Outcomes Improvement Core provides support to investigators in designing and carrying out translational studies assessing outcomes for patients with diabetes, or populations at risk. Investigators may utilize core resources and services for studies involving: interventions to improve outcomes; assessment of medical care process and outcomes; population studies; assessment of the interplay of cultural, social and environmental factors with diabetes outcomes and the policy implications of translational diabetes research.  Core personnel possess methodological expertise in behavioral research, health services research and quality improvement, epidemiology, survey research, qualitative research, large administrative database research, project management, and healthcare policy.

Quantitative Analysis Core

Director: Dr. Elbert Huang
The Quantitative Analysis Core provides cutting-edge analytic support for a wide range of projects in diabetes translation research ranging from program evaluation to cost-effectiveness analysis.  The core provides investigators with advisory or material support for the conception, design, and analysis of a broad range of quantitative research studies including clinical epidemiology, clinical trials, medical economic study methods, as well as medical health services research methods such as meta-analysis, decision analysis, and diabetes simulation modeling.  The core also provides support for database creation and management, as well as resource support through the Diabetes Center Server – a secure, high-powered, dedicated analytic server available for use on an annual subscription basis.