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Associate Director Monica Peek discusses how environmental factors can significantly impact patients’ health outcomes

Associate Director Monica Peek, MD, MPH, MSc was quoted in an NBC Chicago article concerning community health in Chicago.

According to medical experts, residents who live in areas without easily accessible fruits and vegetables tend to buy calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods. Those high-salt and starchy foods can lead to obesity and high blood pressure.

“It’s not enough to just tell a patient to go eat healthy and exercise if the neighborhoods are not safe or they’re in a food desert,” said Dr. Peek.

Read the full article here.

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Marshall Chin, MD, MPH publishes study in Journal of General Internal Medicine

Marshall Chin, MD, MPH has published a study whose objective was to assess what guidance frameworks for health equity provide for organizations implementing interventions to make care and outcomes more equitable. The study found existing equity intervention frameworks often lack specific guidance for implementing organizational change. Future frameworks should assess inner organizational context to guide translation of programs across different organizational departments and levels and provide specific guidelines on institutionalization and sustainability of interventions. The study was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on February 7, 2019.

The Excited State, featuring Dr. Elbert Huang

Science has never been so fun… or scientists so funny! “The Excited State” is an improv comedy show from The Revival theater in Hyde Park. The performance takes audiences on a hilarious—and utterly improvised—journey of discovery through scientific history, breakthroughs, and common misconceptions. The troupe is comprised of Chicago’s most outgoing scientists from UChicago, UIC, IIT, Fermi Lab, Argonne and elsewhere.  Each performance features a “Special Guest” from the scientific community.  This month, on February 14th, “The Excited State” welcomes Elbert Huang MD, MPH! More on the event can be found on Facebook, and tickets are available here.

The Revival

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