CCDTR Investigators Present at the Janet D. Rowley Research Day, Dr. Laiteerapong Wins an Award

March 3, 2015 – Today, several CCDTR investigators presented their work at the annual Janet D. Rowley Research Day for the University of Chicago Department of Medicine. CCDTR investigator Dr. Neda Laiteerapong won the Best Abstract for Health Services Research Faculty Award for her abstract entitled: “Ten-year hemoglobin A1C trajectories and outcomes in type 2 diabetes: The Diabetes & Aging Study.”

DOM Research Day 2015 Laiteerapong AwardDr. Neda Laiteerapong (2nd row, far right) with the other
award winners at the 2015 Janet D. Rowley Research Day

Other abstracts presented by CCDTR investigators included:

Title: Using Photovoice to Promote Diabetes Self-Management for Latino Adults
Investigator: Dr. Arshiya Baig

Title: Later Sleep and Circadian Timing are Associated with Lower Estimated Insulin Sensitivity
Investigator: Dr. Kristen Knutson

Title: Relative Ethnic and Racial Frequency of GCK-Related Hyperglycemia (GCK-MODY)
Investigator: Dr. Rochelle Naylor

Title: How wide is the digital divide? A study of urban hospitalized patients
Investigator: Dr. Valerie Press

Title: Knowing is Half the Battle
Investigator: Dr. Milda Saunders